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Due to COVID restrictions there could be delays in manufacturing and shipping of all NutriBAC orders.

NutriBAC df is the only patented probiotic on the market for the use in reptiles and amphibians. More specifically it is Patent # 5,879,719, titled, Process for control, elimination or inhibition of salmonellae in reptiles and/or amphibians. * The key to a healthy animal is a healthy gut. Proper nutrition is vital to maintain animals in captivity. But if the intestinal tract lacks the ability to properly digest and absorb essential nutrients feeding the proper diet can bring minimal results, thus affecting the health and performance of the animal. A healthy gut with active and viable microorganisms that maintain the proper balanced environment can aid in the absorption of these essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

Maintaining a healthy intestine in your reptile or amphibian can also help in reducing stress. In humans, when we are under stress we feel it in our guts. There is no reason to believe that exotic pets are any different. We all know that there can be stress-related issues in transporting pets, moving to new environments, temporary over-crowding, changes in feed regimens, and fluctuations in temperature. Having a healthy gut can reduce some issues and keep some species, not only feeding well, but with proper digestion and absorption of essential nutrients.

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What is a Probiotic?


Microorganisms have been with us all our lives. We all know the benefits of microorganisms in nature. They help in decaying dead organisms, either of plant or animal origin, and they can aid in digestion and preventing an imbalance within the gut. In the simplest of terms, bacteria can be divided into two groups: good and bad.



  • ​What is a probiotic?

  • How do probiotics work?

  • Is the use of antibiotics bad?

  • ​If there are already good bacteria in the environment then why supplement?

  • How is the best way to give probiotics?

  • What are the side-effects of probiotics, such as NutriBAC df?



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