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NutriBAC frog
Charles L. (2013)

"My large 13 year old green iguana had some inflammation around his gums a few months ago. After I took him to the vet and finished his course of antibiotics, he started to have loose stools. Being concerned for my pet's comfort and health, I did some research online and found Nutribac. After a few weeks of feeding with Nutribac sprinkled or mixed in with the wet portion of his food, his stool has become more consistent. I feel that his flora is more in balance. On top of this, it really seems to increase his appetite. He's been devouring his food."

David K.

"You are welcome to state in any of your ads that I recommend to the use of your products (NutriBAC) to help maintain a healthy digestive system in green iguana. I am also finding that NutriBAC establishes regularity in the bowel movements."

Danny M. (NJ)

"I have been pushing the product with new customers and have been getting a lot of positive feedback"

Toni F.

"I immediately gave some (NutriBAC) to my sick beardies and they love it. I shared half with my son who is into Leopard geckos and told him to just put some powder in with the calcium in their bowls."

NutriBAC iguanas
Susie G. (TN)

"For nearly two years we have used NutriBAC powder as a supplement, dusting crickets and rodents that we use as food before feeding our animals. We have not had any of our animals change from a negative to a positive (Salmonella). None of our animals have shown any dislike for food covered with the NutriBAC and (we) intend to continue using it as a supplement on all the foods for our reptiles and amphibians."

L.M.P. (PA)

"This letter is to let you know how much your NutriBAC powder has improved the health of my four-year-old iguana. I have tried different techniques to improve her digestion with little effect. When I began using NutriBAC, the response was immediate."



This is Jasmine in Houston, TX.

I have been using Nutribac for my reptiles.

As a healthcare provider I know this is amazing product to keep my animals healthy.

I have my own business with official website to sell live animals and pet products."

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