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# 5,879,719 Process for control, elimination or inhibition of salmonellae in reptiles and/or amphibians

NutriBAC Patent


A process of administering a probiotic composition containing bacteria effective for eliminating, inhibiting or controlling salmonellae colonization in reptiles and/or amphibians, for example, in their intestine, e.g., small intestine, caecum, colon, and/or fecal matter or other excreta or secreta.


The probiotic may contain bacteria including:
(a) at least one Lactobacillus species;
(b) at least one Bacillus species;
(c) at least one Bifidobacterium species;
(d) at least one Aspergillus species other than Aspergillus flavus; and
(e) at least one Enterococcus species. Optionally, the probiotic composition may be further formulated with a suitable carrier including, but not limited to, lactose, dried milk, dextrose, mixtures thereof and the like.

Nutribac Abstract 1
Nutribac Abstract 1
Nutribac Abstract 1
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